Oh metformin when will you treat me right? trying to get pregnant is the most heart breaking thing ever to try and do…

Cats + Olympics = love

Cats + Olympics = love

Animals are the key to the soul. I couldn’t imagine a world with no animals. paws are love

Animals are the key to the soul. I couldn’t imagine a world with no animals. paws are love



i laugh everytime 

This NEVER gets old




The more I watch MirrorMask the harder I fall in love with it.

This is the best drinking game movie ever!


I do love Facebook!! find me under brandy crazycatlady Busby!!! They say when you don’t have kida animals become your kids. This is so true I don’t know what id do without my cat two kittens snake and turtle to love!


Something fun to take mind off of TTC :)

Day 1- 10 facts about yourself
Day 2- 10 favorite movies
Day 3- 10 favorite TV shows
Day 4- 10 favorite baby names for boys
Day 5- 10 favorite baby names for girls
Day 6- 10 favorite foods
Day 7- 10 favorite drinks
Day 8- 10 favorite desserts

Stolen but definitely going to be done!

Challenge day one: ten facts about myself

1. My favorite color is green
2. I got married may 20th, 2008
3. Born in Nashville TN 2/5/1990
4. My favorite food is Kraft Mac and cheese
5. My favorite cars are mustangs. I have owned an 02, an 03 and I currently own an 88
6. I love kids! Been having ovulation problems but on METFORMIN to correct it
7. I’m a neopets addict!
8. Mega mind is my favorite cartoon!
9. I love animals more than anything including people. Crazy cat lady right here!
10. I’m watching my weight and I’ve lost twenty pounds since June!

Good things come to those who wait
If I had one wish

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. My mom has been pretty amazing and that’s the inspiration I need to be the best I can be. As of now I’ve been trying for 6 years to get pregnant with absolutely NO luck. It’s been the most frustrating 6 years of my life. My husband and I have BOTH been tested and checked out and the doctors say it’s all fine! Well I say if it’s all fine then why are we having such a hard time? In 2010 I tried a round of fertility medicine and that was a failure. I got frustrated and impatient and said forget it. I thought the baby fever had gone away… Now in 2012 I once again have baby fever and I finally did something about it. I see a DR. who is literally two buildings down from me and on June 9th he started me on METFORMIN 500mgs. Now at almost 2 months as far as I know there has still been NO luck. :( But I hope and pray and think about how wonderful it will be to be a mother. I just continue to stay positive and I just know this wait will be worth it!